Thought Leadership

12/10/18 - The Kendall Square Association (“KSA”) is delighted to partner with Ceasar McDowell and the Civic Designers team, Vatsady Sivongxay and Holly Harriel, to meet the ambitious challenge set at the KSA 2018 Annual Meeting, focusing on the Greater Boston’s racial inequities. (Read More)

12/5/18 - How would you describe the color blue to a person who can't see color? This is one of the many questions and creativity-inducing activities the KSA staff tackles at our weekly meeting. Read about why the KSA staff exercises our creativity muscles. (Read more

11/2/18 - During the 2018, Massachusetts voters chose to vote yes on a Proposition 3, which protected the rights of the Massachusetts Transgendered community. Read about why Voting Yes on 3 was of the utmost importance. (Read more

10/11/18 - The KSA knows that traffic is a common pain point for many Kendall Square workers. We are working on improving that by introducing the Transportation ADVANCE, a year long initiative aimed to improving traffic in Kendall.  (Read more

7/25/18 - The tech and life science industries have a racial diversity and inclusion crisis. Can Kendall Square play a part in changing that?  (Read more