KSA in the News

Boston Globe - 12/13/18 "C.A. Webb, president of the Kendall Square Association, cautioned against reading too much into a few big misses. She noted that smaller announcements, including expansions by Boeing Co. and French drugmaker Ipsen, also make a difference.

'Apple did a nice job making a splash with that announcement,” she said, 'It’s shiny and new, and it’s the story of the day, so we’re all going to obsess over it for awhile. But let’s not forget the other stories of this year.'"

Curbed - 11/6/18 "But YeSeul Kim, vice president of the Kendall Square Association, a local business-development group, goes one step further. Transit issues threaten the very competitiveness that makes it worth enduring a long drive to work.

'We can’t sustainably maintain an innovation district if we don’t address these issues now,” she says. “I really do believe if we don’t solve this, it’ll impact a [future] innovation that could change the course of humanity.'"

Boston Globe - 10/5/18 "C.A. Webb, president of the Kendall Square Association and one of the authors of a critical Boston Globe op-ed over the makeup of the initial slate of finalists, credited the council with responding quickly.

She said the issue is urgent because such awards events contribute to an important narrative about who has the power to innovate in Boston. Webb said she often hears people say men outnumber women in tech because women just aren’t interested.

'I have had variations on that theme repeated to me more times than I can count,' she said. 'What we must do is surface those women who are more than interested in technology. They have been working in technology for years and years and years. . . . It’s really damaging for anyone to turn up to one of these events and have those tropes repeated when it is not true.'"

Boston Globe - 8/29/18 "C.A. Webb, president of the Kendall Square Association, said she was thrilled that BioMed is buying the property. She said BioMed has shown itself to be a responsible landowner in the neighborhood, in part by hosting concert events and community skating on its properties. (BioMed is her group’s landlord, and BioMed executive Bill Kane sits on the association’s board.)

'I know they’re committed to building something on that site that really suits the community,' Webb said. 'They’ll run a thoughtful process to get input from all stakeholders, so they develop the right thing for that piece of land.'"

MIT News - 3/30/18  - The meeting included the official announcement of new KSA President C.A. Webb, who in 2015 co-founded Underscore VC, a tech venture firm, and led the New England Venture Capital Association for four years. She has served on the KSA board for years and as interim president for the past nine months.

KSA is a “connective tissue,” Webb said, that builds relationships around Kendall Square, gathers feedback from community members, and conducts research. “Then, we look for the actions that we can take that have the greatest impact, that best leverage our resources, and will respond to the needs of this community,” she said.

Boston Globe - 3/27/18 "C.A. Webb had agreed to take over as interim president of the 175-member Kendall Square Association, a part-time position, while the group sought a long-term, full-time replacement for Alexandra Lee. (Lee now runs the Hideo Sasaki Foundation in Watertown.)

Webb had left Underscore VC, the venture firm she had helped launch in 2015, last year before taking on the interim role at KSA. She says she was looking for a job with a bigger platform, one with more potential growth. So she turned down a full-time job at the neighborhood association but agreed to find and vet candidates."

Press Releases

Cambridge, Mass., December 10, 2018

The Kendall Square Association (“KSA”) is delighted to partner with Ceasar McDowell and the Civic Designers team, Vatsady Sivongxay and Holly Harriel, to meet the ambitious challenge set at the KSA 2018 Annual Meeting, focusing on the Greater Boston’s racial inequities. After the Boston Globe team presented at the Annual Breakfast, the KSA members asked: can Kendall Square, as a unique innovative ecosystem, pilot and scale powerful new ways of building inclusive institutions, by applying its R&D mindset to the DEI issue?

Former head of New England Venture Capital Association will drive Kendall Square’s continuing evolution

Cambridge, Mass., March 26, 2018

The Kendall Square Association (KSA) announced today that C.A. Webb has been named as the organization’s next president. Webb will focus on expanding the association’s mission to grow Kendall Square into a global center of innovation a destination for people and companies creating breakthrough technologies and life-changing therapeutics.