Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Kendall is powered by knowledge, and at the KSA we provide opportunities for our members to deepen their knowledge on a wide range of topics. From our monthly Transportation learning communities, to our large signature events we bring together thought leaders to expand our thinking and push boundaries. As a KSA member, you can get things done that simply cannot be done alone. Our Learning Communities (formerly known as Committees) provide talented individuals a forum to collaborate on meaningful projects that make a real impact in Kendall Square and beyond.

Transportation: Advocating for better, more equitable, and more sustainable commutes

Chaired by Tom Evans (Executive Director, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority) and Kelley Brown (Head Planner, MIT)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI): Kendall Square can help fix tech’s diversity & inclusion crisis

Facilitators: Ceasar McDowell, Vatsady Sivongxay, Holly Harriel

Ecodistrict: An idea-sharing platform for sustainable practices

Chaired by Chris Leary (Principal, Jacobs), Maureen McCaffrey (Director, MIT Investment Management Company) and Michelle Lower (Assistant Vice President — Real Estate Development & Community Relations, Alexandria Real Estate Equities)