The Kendall Square Association (KSA) is a membership-based organization that consists of companies and institutions committed to promoting the health, vitality and vibrancy of Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote Kendall's vibrant ecosystem through our convening power and vital programming. Read on below to learn more about our strategic priorities.



Kendall Square is unique and distinguishes itself from other innovative clusters in many ways - by highlighting these distinctions we hope to serve the entire community. Our specific goals are to:

  • Develop an international, national, and local brand by working with a diverse group of journalists
  • Craft a stronger sense of place through the distribution of a Walking Map and an upcoming wayfinding system for Kendall Square
  • Tell the stories of the work that is going on in Kendall Square with guest blog posts on Conversations @KendallNow


​The KSA sees its responsibility to the community as being three fold. We aim to support local neighborhood objectives, shape the physical landscape, and nurture government relations. To reach these objectives we use the following tactics:

  • Tell the stories of what KSA members are doing from both a business and philanthropic perspective
  • Partner with Cambridge non-profits to help bolster their work
  • Enhance the public realm, provide information on upcoming development projects impacting the community, and take part in placemaking initiatives
  • Work closely with Cambridge city officials and staff to shape policies that sustain the health of Kendall Square


Kendall Square plays a vital role in the economic engine of the Commonwealth, therefore its continued success hinges on building and maintaining relationships with state and regional leaders. With thoughtful partnerships, KSA members have the capacity to impact policies that will support future success of Kendall Square.​ We are focused on:

  • Planning for transportation improvements
  • Enhancing state and regional government relations
  • Developing and supporting policy or legislation
  • Workforce development


Businesses are attracted to Kendall Square because of the opportunity for collaboration among varying types and sizes of companies as well as across industry sectors.  The role of the KSA is to:

  • Solicit ideas and determine ways our members can collaborate
  • Identify concerns of Kendall's employee base and find ways to address those concerns
  • Bring together sectors to foster idea exchanges
  • Showcase the the innovative and entrepreneurial work happening in Kendall Square