C.A. Webb


Webb has spent her career as an entrepreneurial problem solver in both the private and not-for-profit sectors where she has helped build emerging organizations into brands that create lasting impact. Most recently, she co-founded _Underscore.VC, a tech fund using a network-driven approach to bring emerging and experienced entrepreneurs together to build the next generation of great tech companies.

Prior to that, she led NEVCA for four years, where she worked in partnership with local entrepreneurs and VCs to shape Massachusetts into the best place in the world to start and grow companies.

Webb serves on the boards of The Boston Foundation, the Alliance for Business Leadership, MassRobotics, Room to Grow and Resilient Coders. She also is a member of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum, a select group of women business leaders. In 2015, Webb was recognized as an "Innovation All Star" by the Boston Business Journal and in 2016 was named one of the 30 most disruptive people in Boston tech by Boston Magazine. In 2018, she was named one of the 100 most influential people in Boston by Boston Magazine. 

She earned her undergraduate degree in English and Women’s Studies at Wellesley College and obtained her MBA at the Simmons School of Management.

YeSeul Kim

Special Projects Advisor

YeSeul likes being a contrarian. She is an execution-oriented business leader who also likes to brainstorm big ideas. She also loves talking to consumers as much as building efficient systems and processes. YeSeul has turned to the science of analyzing big data, the art of qualitative research, and the application of a growth mindset to fuel her passion for solving complex problems. In August, YeSeul was a featured speaker at TEDxBeaconStreetSalon.  

Some of her past jobs include working at Procter & Gamble as a consumer insights specialist and as the Director of Operations at Ashoka, the world’s largest convener of social entrepreneurs. Most recently, she was the Director of Business Development & Operations at Northeastern University.

YeSeul received her B.S. and master's in Urban Planning from MIT. 

Alana Olsen

Senior Director, Strategic Programs

Alana turns big ideas into big impacts. Armed with a passion for solving complex problems, a great spreadsheet and infectious enthusiasm she can bring key stakeholders together to create and execute positive change.

Since 2011, Alana has been a leader in Boston's political and non-profit sectors. Former Chief of Staff to Boston City Councilor At Large Annissa Essaibi-George and past Executive Director of Allston Village Main Streets, Alana respects the boots on the ground approach to coalition building and advocacy. Her recent experience at MIT's The Engine has given her a new appreciation for the people and companies that will change the world through technology.

Alana attended Emerson College where she studied Organizational and Political Communication.

Sonya Bhabhalia

Director, Marketing  

Sonya is a storyteller who loves bringing people together, connecting dots, and bridging gaps. She is constantly thinking about how communities and neighborhoods form, grow, and change over time. 

Since 2009, Sonya has worked in public education advocacy, nonprofit communications and development, and higher education advancement. She is a volunteer at Massmouth story slams and serves on the Fenway Community Development Corporation Board of Directors. She is otherwise likely to be found watching soccer or trying out a new creative outlet.

Sonya received her bachelor's degree in English at Boston College and her master's in law and public policy at Northeastern University.

Maya Nitzberg

Director, Membership & Community Relations

Maya has always been passionate about social innovation, entrepreneurship and education. Her interests and experience has led her to become a community builder and social change agent, focusing on growing the local innovation ecosystem, supporting budding entrepreneurs and closing the opportunity gap.

Over the last 10 years, she has served in various roles in education and nonprofits. She is currently an adviser on the Mayor of Somerville’s Innovation and Opportunity Committee, to establish and maintain partnerships with innovation-focused companies, local non-profits, academic institutions, and residents. Aside from her commitment to advancing education, economic mobility, and advocating for equality and diversity, Maya is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, foodie, and currently working on mastering her cooking skills.

Maya earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology & Art from UMASS Amherst.

Valentine Philpott

Manager, Events & Operations

Valentine is a world traveler, building relationships and communities wherever she goes.  She's always looking for ways to bring people together to network, learn and grow from each other.  The value in the knowledge that every individual can bring to building a strong innovative ecosystem has always fascinated her and has driven her to becoming a core member of that evolution. 

As a recent graduate from Northeastern University, Valentine has a wide set of experiences ranging from small advertising agencies, in-house digital production at New Balance, and community building experience at MITX.  She's an active environmental activist, always looking for new creative outlets through fashion, travel or art.  You'll find her at local music gigs, new art exhibits or at the airport getting ready for her next trip. 

Valentine received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in Business from Northeastern University.

Patrieca King

Executive Assistant

Patrieca joined the KSA in September of 2016. She previously worked at the Bunker Hill Community College, first as a Career Aide and then as a Library Assistant for four years.

She received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Wheelock College in May of 2016 and is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from Boston University. Twice a week, she interns at the St. Mary's Center for Women and Children where she supports teen mothers and their children.