C.A. Webb


C. A. Webb designs and builds platforms that enable communities to thrive. At her core, C.A. is a creator. She has co-founded a foundation (Trinity Boston Foundation), launched a venture capital fund (Underscore), and has built numerous tech and consumer products at companies including Whole Foods Market, Preserve, Care.com, the New England Venture Capital Association, and Fast Company magazine. C.A.'s passions include urban living, public transit, social and economic equity, food, and her two young daughters. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and serves on the boards of The Boston Foundation, the Alliance for Business Leadership, T4MA, and MassRobotics. C.A. has been named "one of the 100 Most Influential People in Boston" by Boston Magazine and an "Innovation All Star" by the Boston Business Journal. 

C.A. and her team at the Kendall Square Association create systems, products, and campaigns to drive connectivity, learning, and social impact for the world's epicenter for innovation. 

Alana Olsen Westwater

Senior Director, Strategic Programs

Alana turns big ideas into big impacts. Armed with a passion for solving complex problems, a great spreadsheet and infectious enthusiasm she can bring key stakeholders together to create and execute positive change.

Since 2011, Alana has been a leader in Boston's political and non-profit sectors. Former Chief of Staff to Boston City Councilor At Large Annissa Essaibi-George and past Executive Director of Allston Village Main Streets, Alana respects the boots on the ground approach to coalition building and advocacy. Her recent experience at MIT's The Engine has given her a new appreciation for the people and companies that will change the world through technology.

Alana attended Emerson College where she studied Organizational and Political Communication.

Maya Nitzberg

Director, Membership & Community Relations

Maya has always been passionate about social innovation, entrepreneurship and education. Her interests and experience has led her to become a community builder and social change agent, focusing on growing the local innovation ecosystem, supporting budding entrepreneurs and closing the opportunity gap.

Over the last 10 years, she has served in various roles in education and nonprofits. She is currently an adviser on the Mayor of Somerville’s Innovation and Opportunity Committee, to establish and maintain partnerships with innovation-focused companies, local non-profits, academic institutions, and residents. Aside from her commitment to advancing education, economic mobility, and advocating for equality and diversity, Maya is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, foodie, and currently working on mastering her cooking skills.

Maya earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology & Art from UMASS Amherst.

Abigail Phillips

Director, Communications

​Abigail believes heartfelt connections move the world forward. Working to ensure people feel heard and understood, she has a proven track record as a strategic communicator and thoughtful relationship manager. A skilled convener driven by a desire to consistently and effectively tell stories and streamline messaging, she has found success in promoting communities one human-interest story at a time.

Over the last 10 years, Abigail has led media relations and marketing strategies with New England businesses and destination travel organizations, including Choose Chicago and the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. She has spearheaded major communications campaigns, including the Massachusetts Whale Trail and Year of Chicago Theatre, through collaborative partnerships designed to increase international awareness and boost regional economic impact.

Abigail graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston where she studied Political Science and Communication.

Valentine Philpott

Manager, Community & Marketing

Valentine is a world traveler, building relationships and communities wherever she goes.  She's always looking for ways to bring people together to network, learn and grow from each other.  The value in the knowledge that every individual can bring to building a strong innovative ecosystem has always fascinated her and has driven her to becoming a core member of that evolution. 

As a recent graduate from Northeastern University, Valentine has a wide set of experiences ranging from small advertising agencies, in-house digital production at New Balance, and community building experience at MITX.  She's an active environmental activist, always looking for new creative outlets through fashion, travel or art.  You'll find her at local music gigs, new art exhibits or at the airport getting ready for her next trip. 

Valentine received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in Business from Northeastern University.

Carolyn Willander

Manager, Events & Operations 

Carolyn is on a mission to deliver exceptional experiences in stellar spaces. She began her career in luxury travel before opening a bed and breakfast in Boston. Most recently, she managed a boutique coworking space in Kendall Square.

Although she grew up on Cape Cod, Carolyn considers herself a Cantabrigian at heart, having lived and worked across the city since 2013. When she is not executing events at the KSA, you can find her developing a startup based in Boston and consulting freelance. Occasionally she still tears herself away from business to travel – the only thing that brings her as much joy as supporting teams and their projects from seed to success.

Carolyn received a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Northeastern University with minors in Psychology and Communications.