The Kendall Square Association was founded eleven years ago by a group of leaders who understood that alone we go faster, but together we go further. 100 years ago Kendall was a beat-up industrial yard, and today it is the most innovative square mile on the planet.

Kendall companies are solving today’s problems with the technology and science of tomorrow. It is our privilege to steward this dynamic community, and we are grateful for your organization’s contributions to the local and global innovation ecosystem.

What We Do

Advancing Kendall Square as the world’s preeminent innovation community

One part social network

Innovation happens when curiosity collides with knowledge and action. We bring people together in organic and curated ways to leverage the best of what our innovation community has to offer.​​​​

One part platform for collective action

The Kendall culture stands for progress. That’s why the KSA creates feedback loops, commissions research and constantly seeks to understand what matters to Kendall’s people and what barriers need to be overcome for our organizations to advance to the next level. In 2019, we celebrated our 10th anniversary by announcing three new strategic initiatives:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Infusing new knowledge and tools into your organization so you can meet your DEI goals and so the Kendall community can identify ways to pursue impact-driven, ecosystem-level DEI work
Placemaking: Transforming the built environment to accurately reflect Kendall Square as a global epicenter of innovation; and
Transportation Reform and Innovation: Making it easier to get your people in and out of Kendall Square

One part brand ambassador and advocate

To be sure the next generation of innovators brings their discoveries to Kendall, they have to know what is waiting for them. The KSA collects, shapes, and distributes the stories of the day and enhances Kendall’s reputation on the world stage.

This work marks a departure from the organization’s first 10 years of focused community building and advocacy. We’ll shape this work with our members via vehicles like our Kendall Global Initiative.

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