Our transportation system is facing a major crisis. This year, greater Boston earned the designation of “worst congestion,” and you can’t find the cure for cancer while you’re sitting in traffic. But leaders in Kendall understand that in facing a crisis there is an opportunity for innovation. The KSA has been at the forefront of advocacy on this issue, educating our members about the issues and convening groups to prioritize solutions.

We also announced the Transportation ADVANCE, a campaign that empowers Kendall businesses to lead on transportation through action. This campaign uses an experimental model that engages and empowers employees to ease short term pain while exploring long term solutions. Read more.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kendall’s leaders understand that talent is evenly distributed and that bias and systemic discrimination can stand in the way of the most talented people being able to define the future of science and technology. Last year we started our journey in this work by hosting a series of community conversations on how racism impacts people’s lives at work. From there, we brought together 17 leaders from across Kendall’s industries for a year-long Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning journey. In 2020, the Learning Community’s work will propel forward in the form of research, convenings, and opportunities for network building among DEI champions and best practice sharing among recruiters, HR leads, and others charged with moving the needle on your organization’s DEI goals. Read more


How can we further leverage Kendall’s unique power of proximity? How can we stimulate more every day, serendipitous connections? How can we make our streetscape look like you’re getting a window into the future? Placemaking is the collaborative community process that guides us in answering those questions by activating and experimenting with our public spaces. In 2019, we formed a multi-stakeholder working group and hosted a series of community design thinking workshops and research, connecting with people from all across Kendall and generating hundreds of ideas. In the coming year, experiment and explore with us as we work to make a more inviting and memorable Kendall. ​ Read more

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