Transportation ADVANCE

The #1 concern for Kendall employers is transportation. To address the pain points, the KSA is designing a series of experiments that highlights the opportunities and misconceptions about transportation and creating an increasing sense of agency among employers. We’re thinking about CEOs on ride-along commutes with their employees, publishing a transportation playbook of our members’ policies, and closing down streets so that employees can try out future-forward modes of transportation. Then, in 2019, we’ll invite key stakeholders to reveal the results of our pilots, demonstrate innovations that are working in other urban centers through TEDx-style talks, and end with a design-thinking working lunch. Read more.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kendall needs to make progress on diversity and inclusion if it is to remain the global epicenter of innovation. We invited the Boston Globe Spotlight Team to our Annual Meeting and followed up with community-wide discussion groups to start the conversation. Based on what  we’ve learned, we’re assembling a Diversity & Inclusion Learning Community made up of Kendall Square leaders who’ve chosen to devote at least a year to improving racial equity within our organizations and spheres of influence. Read more


While walking through the streets of Kendall Square, it’s nearly impossible to understand the breakthrough work happening inside the buildings. Through placemaking, a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm, the KSA is launching an initiative to reimagine Kendall Square’s physical, cultural, and social identity. Whether it’s hosting a light show in the evening, or facilitating activities and events to take advantage of our riverfront, you can expect the KSA next year to shape Kendall into a more inspiring place to work and live.