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A morning of networking and inspiring content!

The KSA Board of Directors would like to thank all those that attended the 8th Annual Meeting of the Kendall Square Association held at the beautiful MIT Samberg Conference Center.

With the Boston skyline as a backdrop, Cambridge Vice Mayor Marc McGovern, along with outoing KSA President Alan Fein, welcomed an audience of more than 200 from Kendall Square and beyond. Our first speaker Dr. Phil Sharp, Institute Professor at MIT, shared stories about Kendall's rich history as an hub for innovation in life sciences. Carrie Fitzsimmons, Director of Le Laboratoire Cambridge, highlighted the dynamic work that Le Lab is undertaking at the interection of art and science.

Incoming KSA President Sarah Gallop closed the program by outlining our major initiatives for 2016.  Learn more about the KSA here! 


DR. PHILLIP A. SHARPInstitute Professor, MIT

A world leader of research in molecular biology and biochemistry, Dr. Phillip A. Sharp is Institute Professor at MIT. Much of Dr. Sharp's scientific work has been conducted at MIT's Center for Cancer Research (now the Koch Institute). He also led MIT’s Department of Biology and served as director of the McGovern Institute. His research interests have centered on the molecular biology of gene expression relevant to cancer and the mechanisms of RNA splicing. His landmark achievement was the discovery of RNA splicing in 1977. This discovery, which fundamentally changed scientists' understanding of the structure of genes, earned Dr. Sharp the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. His lab now focuses on how RNA molecules act as switches to turn genes on and off. These newly discovered processes have revolutionized cell biology and could potentially generate a new class of therapeutics. Dr. Sharp co-founded Biogen and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

CARRIE FITZSIMMONSDirector, Le Laboritoire Cambridge

Carrie Fitzsimmons, an international leader in arts and education, is the Director of Le Laboratoire Cambridge and Executive Director of ArtScience Labs. Previously, Ms. Fitzsimmons served as Chief of Staff at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. In 2008, following a leadership program at the Getty Museum Leadership Institute, she became Director of the Cloud ArtScience Foundation. Ms. Fitzsimmons launched the ArtScience Prize in 2008/9 and co-founded ArtScience Labs, assuming the Executive Director position. She has replicated the Prize to 22 sites in the United States, Europe and Asia, and oversaw the creation of Le Laboratoire Cambridge.