Transportation ADVANCE

Transportation ADVANCE​


Optimize your commute with Kendall Square Association Transportation ADVANCE! An initiative that empowers Kendall businesses to lead on transportation through action, ADVANCE uses experimental models that engage and empower employees to ease short term pain while exploring long term solutions.

THE PROBLEM: Massachusetts ranks an abysmal 47th nationally for commuting times and Boston recently earned the distinction of having the worst rush-hour congestion in the country. In June of this year, our transportation crisis hit its peak as a Red Line derailment sent our transportation system into a tailspin.

THE SOLUTION: In addition to leading the charge calling for increased funding dedicated to fix and expand our transportation infrastructure, Kendall companies that participate in the Transportation ADVANCE are deeply engaging their employees in a series of pilot experiments to innovate the perfect commute. 


Waze Carpool

Bring a buddy to work with carpooling for the 21st century! 
By signing up for the WAZE carpool pilot, you’ll save on gas and get to meet your neighbors. WAZE will match you with other Kendall employees who share similar commutes to minimize cars on the road-- decreasing congestion and cutting down your travel time. With each ride, you’ll get one step closer to receiving all kinds of promotions and prizes for your commitment to creative commuting.


Build flexibility into your commute with our special issue MBTA pass! 
Gone are the days for subsidized parking or public transit. Our partnership with the MBTA has you covered for all bus and train rides you actually take. Consider these tailor-made and employer-covered T-passes the best of both worlds for your commuting pleasure. 

Park & Pedal

Kick congestion to the curb with Park & Pedal! 
This micro-mobility pilot is the perfect solution for everyone who doesn’t want to sit in gridlock traffic. As a member of this pilot, you’re eligible to reserve your Montague Bike at Park & Pedal stations located at several stations outside Kendall Square. Instead of driving all the way into the city-- you will be able to park your car at your respective station and bike the remaining miles into the office. A much needed breath of fresh air for any commuter!

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